Beautiful Beef: Meals To Add Wow Back Into Family DinnerBeautiful Beef: Meals To Add Wow Back Into Family Dinner

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Beautiful Beef: Meals To Add Wow Back Into Family Dinner

I confess that I would never make a good vegetarian as I love my meat too much. I enjoy checking out new recipes for meat, and a friend of mine recently joked that I should start a blog about my meat obsession. So, making a meat blog is what I have done. If you lack inspiration for fast, tasty ways you can turn a slab of meat into something your family will ask for more of, then you need to read my posts. I promise you won't need to spend a fortune on fancy spices, but you too can make a meal worthy of bragging about.


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Three Ways You Can Still Enjoy Chinese Food While On A Diet

One of the first things many people think of when the weather starts getting warmer is how fast they can lose the extra kilos that were put on during winter. Healthier eating choices will help get your body ready for swimsuits and shorts, but how can you still enjoy your favourite foods while dieting? As someone who regularly enjoys eating out at a Chinese restaurant, there are three healthy food choices you can make to keep your weight loss goals on track.

Entree - Choose Soup Instead Of Wontons

While wontons are a crunchy handful of entree love, they are also deep-fried and that is on the no-go list while you're trying to shift the weight. A much better option is a clear broth-based soup.

Two reported effects of eating spicy food are a small rise in your metabolism rate and feeling full on fewer calories. Therefore, choose a spicy soup so you are not inclined to eat so much during the main course. The Cantonese-style hot and sour soup gives your taste buds a kick without the calories a cream-based soup gives.

Main Course - Protein And Vegetable Stir Fry

Once again, avoid choosing a deep fried main course such as tempura prawns. Instead, select a stir fry full of steak or prawns and tonnes of vegetables. Stir fry dishes are cooked fast and hot so they require very little added oil to get the job done. Protein choices such as steak or prawns also help you to feel full fast.

When it comes to vegetable choices,, not all of them are created equal. It is fine to overload on veggies such as Chinese cabbage, bok choy and onions because they are low in calories. But, for example, carrots have a high carbohydrate level so if you are watching your carbs, ask your waiter to omit the carrots from this main course dish.


Dessert is the downfall of many dining out dieters, but choosing fresh fruit to finish out your meal is a great way to stay on track. Lychees, for example, are often offered at Chinese restaurants to cleanse the palette, and they won't leave you regretting the extra calories that a big bowl of ice cream can.

Being mindful of your menu choices means you can still enjoy Chinese food as often as you want. You just need to follow these tips to make sure you are picking the healthy menu options.