Beautiful Beef: Meals To Add Wow Back Into Family DinnerBeautiful Beef: Meals To Add Wow Back Into Family Dinner

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Beautiful Beef: Meals To Add Wow Back Into Family Dinner

I confess that I would never make a good vegetarian as I love my meat too much. I enjoy checking out new recipes for meat, and a friend of mine recently joked that I should start a blog about my meat obsession. So, making a meat blog is what I have done. If you lack inspiration for fast, tasty ways you can turn a slab of meat into something your family will ask for more of, then you need to read my posts. I promise you won't need to spend a fortune on fancy spices, but you too can make a meal worthy of bragging about.


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What Not to Do When Planning a Lolly Buffet on a Budget

Planning a lolly buffet for your wedding on a strict budget isn't always easy, but it can be done—as long as you plan it carefully. If you want your budget buffet to be a success and your guests to be happy and well-fed, take a look at these 3 tips on what not to do.

Don't Buy From Your Local Supermarket

When it comes to buying the confectionery for a wedding lolly buffet, many couples on a budget wrongly assume that a purchasing from a local supermarket will be cheaper than using a wholesaler. While it's true that wholesale confectionery suppliers mainly sell to businesses, that doesn't mean they're out of the price range of individuals like you. Even though you won't be buying as many lollies as couples with big budgets, it's worth contacting a wholesale company to see what bulk deals they have. You might be surprised at their minimum order quantity, and it's sure to be cheaper than buying full-priced multipacks at a shop.

Don't Provide Big Bags

If your guests are going to be scooping their lolly choices into bags, it's crucial that you don't buy bags that are too big. It can be hard for guests to gauge how much confectionery is available for each person, so they'll be relying on the size of the bags to tell them. If every guest tries to fill a big bag with lollies, there won't be enough to go around. Opt for smaller bags that can't fit more than one serving of confectionery. Alternatively, if you're worried that small bags will make you look "cheap" or "stingy", look for other small containers that fit your theme. Paper cups in your wedding colours, mini jars, or even food-grade plant pots will come across as a stylistic choice rather than a size-based one.

Don't Use Metal Serving Tools

Metal tongs and scoops aren't just more expensive than plastic ones—they're also more risky to use. Metal serving tools and glass lolly jars are both made of hard and unforgiving materials. If an overzealous guest clinks them together too hard, your precious jars could shatter in an instant, leaving your confectionery inedible. If you're already on a budget and you don't want anything to go to waste, it's best to save your money and go for plastic scoops and tongs. Match them to your wedding colours and they're sure to look as pretty as metal tools.